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Modern Style Sauna 8 foot x 8 foot

The inside and outside panels and flooring of the modern sauna are made from the finest European Pinewood. 


The structure of the sauna is meticulously crafted ensuring durability and stability. 

To ensure thermal and noise insulation, double glazed windows and stone wool are installed in the walls, ceiling, and roof.


The glass door and windows offer a magnificent view that creates a sense of openness enhancing the overall elegant and sophisticated appeal of the design.

Standard Modern Sauna Set

  • 1 tempered glass door with wooden handle

  • 2 tempered glass windows

  • 9 wall panels

  • Floor panels

  • Insulated roof panels covered with bituminous roofing membranes.

  • 2 straight benches inside the sauna (black alder)

  • Heat-resistant plates for the heater or stove.


Note: No sauna heating element is included. See link for sauna heater reviews.  For information only.


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