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Pod Style

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Our Pod Style tiny homes are made of Scandinavian pine designed and handcrafted by European craftsmen. The exceptional shape of it blends into the landscape making the sight look very natural and appealing.


These pods can be used as a beautiful garden or guest house, summer residence, home office, workshop, kids playhouse and artist’s studio.  

The pods feature thick walls with the doors and windows made of double paned insulated glass. Pods produced are from the best quality Northern European Pines. 

Your pod can be ordered as Thermowood, or unfinished. Thermowood is Pine wood that is naturally preserved by a heating and steaming process. Thermowood is very resistant to rot and can last 4 times longer than untreated wood. Pinewood is light with regular texture, appreciated for its pleasant smell. Pinewood without the Thermo-wood treatment is an option if painting or other exterior finishing is desired to protect the wood from weathering.

The roofing is an architectural style bitumen shingles, made in Finland. 

The pod tiny homes are delivered packed on a pallet, with manuals enclosed ready for assembly. 

Our Pod Style Tiny Homes

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10’ x 20’ Front Entrance

Standard Set

  • Pod walls covered with the architectural bitumen shingles.

  • Floor from 1 1/8” pinewood boards

  • 1 double glazed opening window in the back wall

  • French style double glazed door with the standard handle and the lock 

  • Full size bed space with bed frame

  • Room for bathroom with door

  • Wooden decoration boards

10 x 20 blueprint.jpg

10’ x 22’ Side Entrance

Standard Set

  • Insulated pod walls covered with architectural bitumen shingles

  • Insulated pinewood floor

  • 2 double glazed opening window 

  • Danish double glazed door with the lock and standard handle in the front 

  • Wooden decoration boards

Side Entrance_edited.jpg

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